Olympic 6 Starting Pistol Gun Dog Training Blank Firing Revolvers .22



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Olympic 6 starting pistol gun dog training Blank Firing Revolvers .22

These models are the new UK-2012 models specifically modified for the UK market.

.22 cal Olympic 6 Blank Firing Revolvers are eight shot, single or double action. Can be used with either .22 short/crimped or .22 long blanks.

EVERY one of these pistols are tested by ourselves before delivery .

APOLOGIES!. We can only send these dog training aids through a certain courier who is willing to deliver them.  I have carried blanks and a pistol around in my pockets for decades whilst dog training. I even fire them off in my pocket when training pups but apparently if you wrap them up they are deemed dangerous! Health and safety gone mad!

***PLEASE NOTE: These products can only be bought in Black for those purposes outlined in the VCR Act 2011 such as theatrical, museum or re-enactment purposes. Therefore we only sell the orange item.

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Starter Pistol Only, Starter Pistol & Blanks


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