Frogs Fanny Floatant


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Frogs Fanny Floatant

Aye thats what it is called! Sent all the way from the U.S

From The Official website “Frog’s Fanny is not only the best dry fly floatant that you will ever use, now you can really “Match the Hatch” by coating your nymphs with Frog’s Fanny. It will put an air bubble around them that looks exactly like an emerging insect.”

And a review left on their website says it all ….

“Don’t waste your money on phone stuff…substitutes….. Get Frogs Fanny. All that stuff online and stuff that you see advertised as “same stuff as Frogs Fanny” it’s garbage. It does not work. Why not just spend the money and have the real deal? If it’s not Frogs Fanny you just wasted your money…”

Comes with applicator brush built in to the cap. The serious dry fly fishers choice!


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