Cortland Ghost Tip 15 Fly Fishing Line


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Cortland Ghost Tip 15 Fly Fishing Line

Suitable for both Freshwater & Saltwater the 90ft line is a monofilament core floating line with a 15ft clear intermediate tip

  • 15ft Clear Intermediate Tip
  • High Floating Running Line
  • Sink Rate 1.5 – 2 IPS (inches per second)

A clear, 15ft intermediate tip line that’s ideal for fishing lake depths from 5 to 15 feet.

Cortland Precision Ghost Tip Fly Lines are an exciting new series of fly lines developed to turn over flies perfectly and accurately every time. These lines feature Cortland’s newest performance enhancer; ‘Duraslik’.

Duraslik is a new formulation that dramatically increases line durability and ensures that these lines will stay slick and easy to cast.


The Ghost tip 5 also available in our other listings

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