Conic Fly Fishing Tapered Leaders



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Conic Fly Fishing Tapered Leaders

Great quality tapered leaders in a choice of four different breaking strains. These Conic Fly Fishing Tapered Leaders supplied by Lineaeffe are specifically designed for fly fishing. Using Japanese technology to incorporate a tapered leader which improves the presentation of the flies. This better presentation is assisted due to the improved roll out of the cast. These tapered leaders are suitable for all types of fly fishing in both salt and freshwater. The stronger 3X is especially popular with the salt water fly fisherman.

All leaders are 9 foot in length and all diameters start at 0.53 except the 6X which has a thinner 0.43: the breaking strains are below. Made by Lineaeffe using Japanese technology!

The 3X has diameter 0.53mm to 0.203  with a breaking strain of 4.2kg

The 4X  0.53 to 0.178 with a breaking strain of 3.2kg

The 5X 0.53 to 0.152 with a breaking strain of 2.2kg

The lightest in the series the 6x is 0.43 to 0.127 with a breaking strain of 1.7kg.

To get the most from these leaders add a good quality fluorocarbon leader and you are good to go. We can highly recommend the Frog hair fluorocarbon in either 6lb breaking strain for presenting small flies. Frog hair is available here at a great price.

All our items are sent first class signed for delivery at a standard rate of £3.95 however all items in your basket will be posted together at that price and when you spend over £45 there is automatic free postage.

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3X, 4X, 5X, 6X


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