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Canvas  Puppy Training Dummy 


The Clix Training Dummy is perfect for puppy retrieval training. Its bright red colour makes it highly visible and easy for pups and young dogs to find. The dummy comes with a small rope attached so you can throw long distances with ease.

Most gun dog trainers are aware that one of the main problems which hinder a good retrieve when using dummies  in the water is due to how low the dummy sits on the surface. To solve this problem Clix have made their puppy dummy from a 100% canvas outer with a dense cork filling. This ensures that the dummy floats high in the surface ensuring the pup can see the dummy when searching for it in water. There are other style of dummies on the market and you will find some are filled with sawdust which, when waterlogged, can sit a lot lower in the water. These saw dust filled dummies are great for older dogs being trained for blind retrieves on the water but not suitable for young pups in training.


  • Fitted rope for easy throwing
  • Brightly coloured for good visibility
  • Floats perfect for training in the water
  • Measures approx 18cm x 5cm
  • Great for Retrieval Training
  • Light enough to encourage puppy to lift.


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