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Ancol Field Trial Slip Lead

These Ancol leads really are excellent! Over the years we have field tested many different slip leads. Many of the styles available use a three strand, twisted rope for their product. We find this can hinder the correct use of the lead as it can catch in use and stick when you least expect it. This happens when the rope  twists open and prevents the ring from sliding! The ring on the Ancol leads are also larger than most other slips .

This superior quality lead, is a nylon braided rope with a chromed ring which slides far easier. This makes it a better training aid when teaching a dog to walk to heel correctly.   A very high-quality, nylon woven rope lead which is very soft to the touch and strongly constructed by gluing stitched joints. The joint is then covered with a stitched leather cover. Quality fitments include a leather securing slip to secure the loop when necessary. The loop for the handlers hand is also smaller than most preventing it slip from your wrist.


The 8mm leads are the latest addition to the range and suitable for pups or smaller breed dogs, up to the weight of 20kg. The 10 mm leads which are suitable for dogs up to 30kg. These are more suited to spaniel sized dogs. These are 48″ or 120cms in length

The larger 12 mm rope, which is more suited to the Labrador/golden retriever sized dog and other breeds up to 50kg in weight, also are available in the same colours as the 10mm lead. These are also 48″ or 120cms in length.


These dog leads are available in Black, Olive green, Blue, Red and the latest Raspberry (two tone pink!) These are the last of the stock Ancol will only supply green slip leads from January 2021



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Black, Green, Red, Blue, Raspberry


8mm, 10mm, 12mm


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