Airflo Fly Fishing Starter Kits


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Airflo Fly Fishing Starter Kits

JO487 Airflo 10ft #7/8 10ft mid-tip action fly rod, designed for larger lakes and reservoirs whether fishing from the bank or boat.

JO486 Airflo 9ft #6/7 9ft fly rod designed for smaller still waters, or larger rivers.

JO484 Airflo 9ft #8/9 Predator/Saltwater 9ft fly rod with a heavier weight, designed for saltwater and predator fly fishing. Perfect for everything from mackerel and pollack to pike and carp.

JO776 Airflo 9ft #5/6 a small river / brook rod

These Airflo starter kits offer new fly anglers the opportunity to buy a well-balanced, good quality kit to suit their individual fly fishing discipline. The Airflo kit has everything the beginner or intermediate angler, requiring an upgrade needs for a great start in fly fishing.

This kit includes a four-piece carbon fly rod, a pre-loaded graphite fly reel ready to go with a fully loaded AirFlo Velocity floating fly line and backing that matches the rod so that all the fly kit balances perfectly.

The fly fishing complete kit even includes an essential tool for fly fishing: a pair of sunglasses. These not only help with the glare on a sunny day but also protect your eyes from any wayward flies getting into your eyes. Add to the outfit a tapered mono leader line and a small fly box that contains a selection of some popular flies and we have a great kit for any fly fishing enthusiast. The cloth covered rod tube, which is supplied with Airflo logo, ensure there are no breakages in transport!

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JO7776, JO484, JO486, JO487


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